Colo is located in the upper region of the Colo River, an hour-and-a-half from Sydney on Darug Country. It’s a 34-hectare property and was established in 1986. The Colo Outdoor Education Centre offers boys from Years 7-9 adventure-based programs with opportunities for students to complete the leadership training program in Year 11. The Centre is staffed by four specialist teachers with qualifications in outdoor education and has a strong focus on risk assessment, risk management and mitigation. All staff live on-site. The site has three student accommodation areas and a large dining and activity hall. The Colo program has access to private campsites, quality equipment and offers a broad range of activities for all students.

At Colo, students are immersed in their learning experiences. Each year level has a specific focus, with three concepts of challenge running throughout. These concepts are the Social, Maturity and Individual challenges and every activity is designed as an opportunity for each person to meet and extend their own level by choice. Students are responsible for their own cooking and cleaning and need to manage their responsibilities for themselves and as part of their community.


Year 7:  Environments and our relationships and place within them

Students are introduced to Colo via a walking journey through the Wollemi National Park. Surrounded by the impressive ancient formations of Hawkesbury sandstone, the boys also have an eagle eye view of the Centre they will call home for the duration of their stay. Learning about the flora and fauna of the area while orienteering, bushwalking and sleeping under the stars in our secluded and private campsites gives an opportunity to define their relationship with Colo’s unique environment.


Year 8: Communities and our roles within them

Students are introduced to a higher level of individual challenge during their Year 8 experience, while still extending their maturity and social boundaries and abilities. Working at height activities including a custom-built adventure ropes course and rock climbing on natural surfaces complements the developing social relationships between the boys as they work together to complete their tasks. A mountain biking expedition to a new riverside campsite defines the students experience in Year 8.


Year 9: Self – and our roles for leadership

Students focus on extending their role within themselves as part of the surrounding environment and their social groups. A more extensive expedition gives focus to navigation in the bush, and leadership within the student peer groups. In addition to their bushwalking expedition, students experience even more of the local environment journeying via canoeing, mountain bike riding and rock climbing. Small group work, self-care and responsibility are major priorities.