At the College the Extended Day Program is available to all students. The program gives boys the oportunity to stay back after school under full supervision until 8pm. Beginning with co-curricular activities, they move on to dinner and finally one-and-a-half to three hours of managed study guided by teachers and tutors.

It is so popular with mums and dads, that along with boarders, more than 80 per cent of day boys take up the program. The study benefits are substantial. Because they are supervised by teachers on site, they can iron out problems and prep for their lessons in regular class the following day.

It provides a structured routine that will serve them well into the HSC and beyond. It also further develops collaborative working habits – students can exchange ideas – and a spirit of academic camaraderie.

Students are in a setting where they are encouraged to apply themselves and are surrounded by good role models. All boys are taught how to manage their time, develop a study timetable and hone research skills.

And if they are experiencing specific problems, they can access tutors, who are registered and vetted by the College.

The advantages for students of a structured, disciplined study program seamlessly blended into the school day are enormous, but there are also many pluses for parents. The Extended Day Program affords peace of mind and releases parents from the burden of monitoring homework habits.

Negotiating and enforcing study times at home with sons who feel they’ve clocked off for the day when they exit the College gates can be a tricky and tiring business. Then there are the distractions provided by siblings, screens and mobile phones. There may also be issues with sharing wi-fi and access to a dedicated study space. study program removes these obstacles.

The Extended Day Program also offers convenience. Instead of picking up students at 5pm during peak traffic, parents collect their sons from College at 8pm. That means the rest of the night can be reserved for quality time together – without the shadow of study hanging over things.

Ongoing support

Our extended day program is available to all students. The program provides the framework, assistance and environment for boys to get ahead of their studies.