boys behind white fence

St Joseph’s College prides itself on providing students with a well-rounded, balanced education, focusing on boys’ academic, physical, social, spiritual and recreation needs. Sport is integral to that mission. At , sport prepares boys to be fit for life. It develops character, integrity and resilience, qualities boys need to make a positive contribution to society. It shows them how to cope with adversity and behave with dignity when they win.

offers a wide variety of sports and sporting competitions throughout the year. All students participate in a summer and winter sport of their choice and benefit from working with the College’s experienced coaches and a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. welcomes boys of all sporting abilities.  They are encouraged to perform at their best, but most of all they are encouraged to enjoy themselves on the sporting field. excellent facilities are available to all boys. 

The College is a founding member of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS). Most sports are contested among the nine member schools and boys have the opportunity to represent the College at their own level of expertise.

The College’s sporting anthem is You’ll Never Walk Alone. It encapsulates the collaborative spirit that is hallmark on and off the field.

Whether they are in the As or the Gs, the same dedication, sportsmanship and pride in achievement is expected from both student and coach. ensures all boys, irrespective of ability, have equal access to first-rate facilities and mentoring.

Our coaches bring a caring, professional attitude to their job. They aim to draw out the best in every boy by fostering a spirit of enjoyment and camaraderie and setting goals that challenge and inspire.  

Through regular practice sessions, students get the coaching they need to excel and have fun at the sport they love.

Above all, our training and coaching program nurtures the development of fit and healthy young men and equips them for effective competition on the sporting field.