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Mission formation at seeks to inspire head, hand and heart.

Mission is who we are, it takes our boys and staff on a journey of social justice action that leads us all back to the eucharistic table. It is our very being. For mission, and ultimately our faith to be genuine and accessible to our young men, it needs to be dynamic and ever changing with the times.

Here at we evangelize with intense purpose through every available avenue and, if the avenues are nonexistent, we create them. We are called to recognise the post-modern challenges of secular culture, and we recognise that for many, their faith encounter and witness is yet to be awakened. We realise that faith cannot be given but it can be awakened by witness of individuals and developed in an intentional faith community. Introducing students and staff to God through social justice activities and action that reflects the simple message of Gospel love, is a constant challenge. Capturing where God resided and continues to reside after an immersion or a social justice activity, is sought as a daily opportunity and time constrained challenge. It is one we cherish and are privileged to provide.

In an increasingly secular world where young people are bombarded with social media, we challenge our boys to find God in the ordinary and the extraordinary. We do this through a multilayered experiential “faith in action” program; we are called to make God visible in the lives of our young men and to empower others to support their faith journey.

In the Religious Education classes and through various pastoral conversations throughout a typical week, students are encouraged to engage with intellectual rigor to inform and develop their reasoned understanding of the Catholic faith. Boys are encouraged to nurture a strong prayer life through participationin liturgies and the sacraments of the Church. The Eucharist celebration is at the heart of all that we do at .

Providing faith in action experiences, facilitating opportunities and ensuring age appropriate social justice programs are embedded in the day-to-day practices for staff and students alike, are fundamental components of our mission at . Creating meaningful opportunities to bring those lived experiences back to the Eucharistic table is a crucial moment in that journey; if social outreach experiences are tokenistic or if the formation is not both deep and meaningful, then it loses its powerful spiritual potential to bring our young people closer to God.

Just as the Chapel resides at the centre of our College, Mission is the heart of .


is a Catholic school in the Marist tradition, where we challenge boys to find God in the ordinary and the extraordinary. This is achieved through an immersive, multi-layered faith in action program.

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