Because of … generations of boys have grown to become men whose lives, values and character have helped them take their place in the world with confidence and integrity.

Although they live all over the world and make their mark in a diverse range of industries, the common thread which ties them together is the spirit, encapsulated in the College motto: In Meliora Contende – Strive for Better Things.

With more than 1,000 current students, 800 families, 200 staff and 11,000 households, the family is loyal and well-connected with a proven commitment to support our unique community.

More than ever, we recognise the importance of developing partnerships within our business community offering opportunities for exclusive association with the College. An investment as a Partner is a three-year commitment and ensures your lifetime connection with the College and SJC Foundation.

For further details about our exciting Partner opportunities, refer to our Partners Program dzܰ.

Or contact Annie Kenyon, Philanthropy Manager, at +61 448 369 397 or