boys eating lunch

The food service is the primary source of nutrition for boarders and is designed to meet the dietary requirements of 12 to 18-year-old boys who are at a crucial stage in their physical and mental development. Menus provide adequate energy and nutrients to encourage growth, promote concentration and learning, and fuel participation in daily physical activity and competitive sport without contributing to unhealthy weight gain.

Menus are reviewed each term according to criteria developed in conjunction with Nutrition Australia and Accredited Practising Dietitians to meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines as specified by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Menus change each term and cycle through four weekly menus, ensuring a diversity of foods and cuisines. Students with special dietary needs can be catered for at the College.

There is one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian selection at lunch and dinner. Mealtime beverages include 100 per cent fruit juices and a range of milk types including full-fat and light, soy, rice and almond. Fruit and chilled water is available throughout the day.

Sustaining boys for the day

A full continental breakfast of poached and fresh fruit, toast, cereals, yoghurt and boiled eggs is available every morning, accompanied by 100 per cent fruit juices, tea and coffee. A range of breads available for toasting include multigrain and muffins. Hot options are also served five mornings a week, including on the weekends. These cooked breakfasts can include hash browns, baked beans, scrambled eggs, omelettes, Belgian waffles or pancakes.

All menus for student meals at St Joseph’s College are assessed by Food and Nutrition Australia (FNA) to ensure they provide the recommended serves of the core food groups as defined in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (Smith & Kellett, 1998).

The term menu is the primary source of nutrition for boarders at the College.

For more information about meals at St Joseph’s College and catering for special dietary requirement, or if you would like to make any comments or ask any questions about meals at the College, you are welcome to email Mr Danny Sidgreaves:

Students with special dietary needs can be catered for at the College.