As Australia’s largest boarding school for boys, the city and country connection that exists within the community is entwined in the very fabric of our community. Boys who hail from across the road in Sydney, learn, grow and form lifelong friendships with both boys and their families from rural and regional Australia.

Qualities such as strength of character, humility and care for others are inspired by the life of St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, who himself was born in rural France. These values are passed on to each new generation of students and underpin many of the distinctive elements that characterise an education at .

At , it is our privilege to continue to be a school where 50% of our boys board, and 25% come from country regions. We strive to provide a safe, caring and familiar place that your son can call home throughout the duration of his school life.

To ensure families from rural and regional areas have the opportunity to be part of their sons journey, parents and family have the option of staying at the Country Club. Located across the road from our campus, the Country Club provides families with a airbnb style accomodation option. Whether your visit is to attend a sporting or co-curricular event, a parent information or community evening, or simply to enjoy a picnic on the front lawn as a family, the Country Club is available.

Country connections

Boys from rural and regional Australia have called home since 1881. is a school where boys learn, live and grow as one, where families form lifelong friendships and mateship is cherished.

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